L - GO + handle




The idea of L - GO an ergonomic form of natural and kinetic advantages which can be used by kids . Subtle texture fit the spine and touch of the kid . As a soft eaves it makes a cosy atmosphere by its delicate polished cardboard texture . It can be used by 3,5 -6 years ECO SIT PLAY As a logarythm, as a border between design and Art, It represents form of an industrial design. Rocking chair shows the freedom of a kinetic sculpture . Its simple form creates unique design which can be used in various ways. Sculpture is one of the way another comes while treating the form as a playing form of a rocking chair. Modern shape of L- Go as a rocking-horse is characterized by its lightweight and e r g o n o m i c design. THE CHAIR'S FORM is not fully defined and it gives childrean plenty of space for their own IMAGINATION on how to play with it. L - GO eco seat play can be used as a ROCKING HORSE chair, a CLOUD , an ARMCHAIR , ROCKING BOAT as well as a simple minimal form of a seat. NATURE TOYS /RECYCLED CARDBOARD UNIQUE DESIGN /DURABLE TOYS
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