L - GO CORK L-go now transformed into a cork form of a prototype which is an example of a biodegradable toy, a sculpture, an object in public space. The future idea was to build a solid body of the toy - sculpture in such a way that the toy was much more durable and able to be used in open space with any kind of weather circumstances and resistant to all of the possible atmospheric condition. The characteristic of the cork has some of the amazing properties we were looking for thanks to which the body of the toy is impermeable and elastic. One of the biggest advantages is the coziness of the NATURAL material that creates a totally different meaning of it as an object in the chosen space. The function of L - GO CORK presents an innovative approach to the development and testing of the new model design responsible for the life in the community, the aspects of recycling and the awareness of choices in the globalization. IT'S NOT DEFINED SHAPE was inspired by AN organic sculpture of the neurons created by me in 2006 the idea from where the l-go concept came into life. Neuron stimulates thinking referring to the science and technology of the evolution motility of the child. L-Go cork as the child's seat and the undefined form stimulates the child's imagination to play with it in various ways and worlds of the imaginary of the child. L- GO is a LOGARITHM, is a border between a design and art, represents a form of a industrial design. Rocking chair shows the freedom of a kinetic sculpture . Its simple form creates a unique design which you can use as a sculpture. L- GO presents a modern shape of a rocking-horse. L - GO _ this project is characterized by its lightweight and ergonomic design. The chair form is not fully defined and leaves kids much room for imagination. The L - GO chair can be used as a rocking horse , a cloud , an armchair or a rocking boat. 7 days curier 27 - 30 days cargo ship pallet 40 % DISCOUNT design by DOMINIKA BLAZEK LABORATORYART & LEXUS DESIGN 2017
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