BORO pinecones in indigo blue and onion brown.

By byrios

Copenhagen, Denmark
Welcome to my fascination of textiles. All textiles are e...




This listing is for one pinecone made by me at my studio in Copenhagen. The pinecone concist of small cutted pieces of textiles, some are smallsamples from my scarfs, others from my shibori work. Seven of them in the beautiful shades of the indigo color, where there is a big variation of blues. The brown pinecones have been dyed with onion skin. All dyed by me. The materials in the blue pinecones are bamboo and linen. And in the brown pinecones alpaca, linen and metalfoil. On the back of the pinecones a beautiful Liberty fabric have been added. Use the pinecones on the Christmas tree or on branches from a tree. Either way they will look beautiful. They vary in sizes. Approximatly 5 cm in the top to 12 cm in the length. THERE ARE THREE PINECONES LEFT, ONE IN EACH COLOR. WHITE/SILVER, BLUE OR BROWN, ALL OF THEM CONTAIN SMALL PIECES OF HANDWOVEN TEXTILES WOVEN BY ME. One pinecone cost 22 $ and two pinecones 38 $. If you want to buy two I will make a refund of 6 $ after you checkout your purchase at PayPal. THIS ITEM WILL SHIP OUT IMMEDIATELY AND IT WILL BE SENT WITHOUT TRACKING AND INSURANCE. IF YOU WANT ME TO SEND WITH A TRACK AND TRACE NUMBER, PLEASE CONTACT ME.
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By byrios

Welcome to my fascination of textiles. All textiles are either handwoven, dyed and - or folded ...View more

Copenhagen, Denmark

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