Checkered and classical scarf in babyalpaca and silk. HANDWOVEN

By byrios

Copenhagen, Denmark
Welcome to my fascination of textiles. All textiles are e...




This listing is for a handwoven scarf made by me at my studio in Copenhagen. It's woven in a beautiful combination of babyalpaca twisted wih silk, perfect for Autumn and Winter. The scarf is woven in different shades of grey, all natural shades of the alpaca, so no dyeing or chemicals here. The weaving is a combination of plain weave together with small floats. In the ends there are raw edges, which I think gives the scarf a beautiful apperence together with the materials. Size: 75 x 220 cm. I recommend handwashing or washing on 40 degrees with earth-friendly, neutral detergent. Please note it's the scarve on the second photo you will be puchasing. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT ME.
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By byrios

Welcome to my fascination of textiles. All textiles are either handwoven, dyed and - or folded ...View more

Copenhagen, Denmark

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