Selvedge Fur Throw / Blanket

By LizCollins

Brooklyn, United States
Liz Collins Studio is a Brooklyn based art & design studio t...



Selvedge loom waste is a fringe-like material that is a byproduct of the industrial weaving process. This material is generated in abundance at weaving mills worldwide, and is often treated as waste, going to landfills. This project aims to expand the upcycling effort of this unique yet ubiquitous material by presenting a group of products that are beautiful, stylish, and artisanal; and to encourage others to follow suit. With an experimental and exploratory approach, Liz Collins has developed several new textiles from this material and has used these fabrics to generate a small group of products. The first product is the Selvedge Fur Throw, a luxurious hand knit "fur" blanket that is machine wash and dryable.
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Textiles Upcycled Fiber Knit
100% Upcycled selvedge loom waste made from acrylic fiber
By LizCollins

Liz Collins Studio is a Brooklyn based art & design studio that focuses on textiles and fiber and ...View more

Brooklyn, United States

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