LUCKY LOVE CHAIR made form plywood natural lacquer seat and black frame




Products should be able to strike up a conversation. Maarten Baptist designed his Lucky Love Chair to put you in a good mood with a seat that softly cradles your bum. The only good answer would be to further develop the Lucky Love Chair to a product that can be produced in large editions – and that’s what we did. The seat is made in one of the best factories in Germany’s woodwork industry where the production is environmentally neutral. The forest that provides the wood for the Lucky Love Chair is located in North Germany right next to the production factory. First, the trees are steamed and peeled like a pencil. From these thin wooden sheets the ‘fingers’ of the chairs are cut. Five sheets are glued together and dried into an aluminium mould, after which they are painted in the next-door paint factory. The frame is shaped, powder coated and connected to the seat in Enschede, the Netherlands. Even though the chair is incredibly strong, the thin, layered material makes a fragile impression by fully exposing its assembly. The Lucky Love Chair will suit any public space or restaurant. Beside the iconic shape it is incredibly comfortable.
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plywood Dutch design made in Germany ash wood massive metal frame lucky love chair by Maarten Baptist