Citron Lamp



Designed by Tongqi Lu. A Mood Lamp That Embodies Fruity Freshness. Dimensions 12.75 inches * 10.25 inches * 5.5 inches Behind the inspiration of the design goes that the designer and her friends were sitting in the backyard one day and contemplating their lives and routines affected by the pandemic. They were drenched in the rain of their thoughts, when suddenly a lemon fell to the ground, filling the air with a refreshing citrus scent. It felt like they had gotten a taste of sparkling water in a dry and hopeless desert. Picking up the lemon, one friend said it smelled like mud — a wholesome, natural mud scent. Inspired, the friends took off their shoes and stepped onto the muddy ground with their bare feet. The soft mud, which nurtured the lemon, and the simple falling motion of the lemon were a gentle reminder to let go of anxiety concerning the future and enjoy the power of facing the present. At that moment, another lemon fell and rolled towards their feet. It was as if nature was trying to send them a message: success will come when the time is right. To bear fruit in the future, we must stay focused on the present. And that earthy citrus scent led us to Citron.
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Glass, Metal