Vision Pendant



Give yourself permission to live a BIG life - ENVISION big, imagine your best future, your best self. Write your vision on a piece of paper or in your journal and try to imagine it being true. Envision yourself being the person who lives that life - your dream life. Take a small piece of paper and WRITE a sentence that you know will motivate you and also empower you to believe that your vision is possible. Roll this magical paper up, put it in the pendant and wear it daily. It will be a constant reminder of what you can achieve and who you can become if you only decide. because, when you commit fully and consistently to being the future you, that is when the real magic happens. Whenever you are having a hard time, hold on to this pendant like you're holding on to your vision and remember why you're doing what you're doing. Know that everything will be exactly the way it's supposed to be and just at the right time! All you need to DO is believe and never stop! VISION PENDANT ENVISION. WRITE. DO. The box opens like a book, and its pages are crystal clear making you see the essence. These pages might look the same, but the story you decide to write is unique. In the center is your core. The capsule that carries all your words. It's your anchor, ready for every moment that comes. your desires and wishes are making this pendant complete. So, what meaning will you give it? How will you write your story? It's all up to you!
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vision pendant