Luxury circle swing rocking chairs coated in 24 carats of real gold

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Designer Iwona Kosicka crafted this opulent chair coated in real gold. When you swing on this furniture, you can imagine that you are in fact sitting on a king’s sun throne made out of gold ring. In addition, rocking will put you in a good mood. Luxurious and attention-grabbing, the SWING Gold Chair is the perfect accent for an all-white room, and exclusive interiors. Luxurious chairs made by oak bent plywood Used a 24 carat gold leaf. In gold finish we make two models: SWING N.1 with wave cut, SWING N.2 with straight cut and SWING N.3 with pure line. Altogether creating a resplendent piece to grace any luxury residence. Exclusive, gold CIRCLE SWINGS, a hint of gold always adds a splash of glamour to swings. Schlagmetall is a thin metal foil disguised as real gold brass in the petal. This is the old, handemade technique (it’s gilded art) so it's very exclusive products. Constructed from molded oak plywood. Finished colour: 24 carat gold leaf. Diameter: 110 cm Depth: Rim – 12.5 cm Seat – 33.5 cmStainless steel mount with carabiner hole – ceiling system for installation is not included. The swing it is unsuitable to outdoor. It is not hot sunlight and rain resistant.
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Swing GOLD
plywood oak