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Brooklyn, NY, United States
Dutch designer Pieter Woudt is principal of 212-BIG-BOLT in ...



Artist book made out of actual blueprints. It says limited edition of 200 but actually only 120 were made. The exhibition in Gallery Spark and book were curated by Sebastiaan Bremer and Pieter Woudt. Each artist's piece is full page and measures: 11x10 in (29 x 26 cm) Contributing artists: Shinichiro Akasaka, Alex Arcadia, Donald Beachler, Sebastiaan Bremer, Stephen Byram, Pamela Fraser, Wim Huurman, Hekla Dogg Jonsdottir, Alix Lambert, Julian Jean-Baptiste LaVerdiere, Tim Morse, Gerban Mulder, Paul Myoda, Randall Peacock, Richard Phillips, Michael Ricardo Andreev, Guy Richards Smit, Hector G. Romero, Marcos Rosales, Michaël Snitker, Janaïna Tschape, Reinn van Essen, Ruben Verdu, David Art Wales, and Diana White. Published in 1998 by Gallery Spark. Some yellowing at the edges of the pages because of the kind of paper it is printed on.
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By PieterWoudt

Dutch designer Pieter Woudt is principal of 212-BIG-BOLT in New York City, which he launched in ...View more

Brooklyn, NY, United States

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