'Sea' Stretched Printed Canvas - Small




Designed by Young & Battaglia with image by Himitsuhana Made in England by Mineheart Info: 'Sea' is part of the Renaissance Collection and features an extra large ornate frame printed onto canvas. This fascinating print, reminiscent of classic Dutch Master paintings, is of an innocent young girl who looks to have been captivated by the sea. Due to the stunning nature and size of the canvas, it is ideal as a feature piece for both domestic and commercial purposes and comes with a cleverly integrated large ornate frame, saving you from having to go out and find that perfect frame! A collaboration between Mineheart and digital artist Himitsuhana, this stunning image is printed onto the finest quality canvas. Sizes: (L x W x D) Small 660mm x 810mm x 40mm Medium 1270mm x 1000mm x 40mm Large 1730mm x 1370mm x 40mm Theme: Renaissance painting, dutch style, extra large, ornate frame, oversized art Lead Time: 1 Week
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Renaissance painting, oversized art, ornate frame, extra large, dutch style