'Mirror Mirror...' Stretched Printed Canvas - Small




Himitsuhana in collaboration with Mineheart This portrait by Himitsuhana depicts a young lady in traditional dress holding a mask, yet the mask is a perfect and magical replica of her face. Referencing the masked balls which were so popular in the 18th century, Himitsuhana has created a curious tableaux, the lady looks pensive and is dressed in black, the mask is a metaphor for her life. Made in England. Theme: Renaissance painting, dutch style, extra large, ornate frame, oversized art, mask Size: Small 810mm x 660mm x 40mm Medium 1270mm x 1000mm x 40mm Large 1730mm x 1370mm x 40mm Bespoke sized real frames also available per request. Please enquire . Lead Time: 1 Week
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Renaissance painting, oversized art, ornate frame, mask, extra large, dutch style