'Rapunzel' Stretched Printed Canvas - Small




This giant printed canvas features an artwork by artist Himitsuhana inside an ornate gold frame which is also digitally printed onto the canvas.'Rapunzel' depicts an imprisoned young lady gazing longingly at the outside world, her beautiful, flowing, long red hair catching the rays of sunlight that shine through the window. The piece is inspired by the beautiful paintings of the Italian and Dutch renaissance. Instead of oil paint, Himitsuhana uses the latest in photographic and digital techniques to create her artworks. Larger than life, the extra large size stands at an impressive 173cm high, and is designed to be hung on the wall or rest on the floor. Avaiable in three sizes, these artworks can create a stunning feature in any traditional and contempoary interior, and the cleverly printed surround saves you having to go out and find that perfect frame! Designed by Young & Battaglia with artwork by Himitsuhana, these stunning images are printed onto the finest quality canvas and stretched on to 38mm thick wooden frames. Made in England. Specifications (LxWxD): • Large 1730mm x 1370mm x 40mm • Medium 1270mm x 1000mm x 40mm • Small 810mm x 660mm x 40mm Theme: renaissance painting, dutch style, extra large, ornate frame, oversized art Lead Time: 1 Week
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Renaissance painting, oversized art, ornate frame, extra large, dutch style