4 JADE espresso cups and 2 cork plates




JADE is Maarten Baptist’s favourite colour. His favourite pastime is anything to do with coffee. This inspired him to design a collection of cups. Within coffee culture, smell is an important part of the experience. Which shape supports the best taste? In two years, Maarten developed the shape that creates the best taste, together with a local barista and the local producer. In short iterations, the team tested many shapes in search for a unique though archetype shape. For your holding pleasure, the cup has no handle, as it fits in the cradle of your hand. The series’ thick walls will keep your coffee at the best temperature. Coffee from a quality espresso machine is built up of layers, first the fats, then the tastes and smells. The cups’ round angled walls make coffee flows gently into them. The cups are presented on a cork coaster that fits two cups. The series can be ordered in large editions, as to be available for restaurants and bars. The producer’s expertise promises the cups can easily be customised with any logo or pattern, but the regular execution is a crème white porcelain. JADE comes in three sizes: espresso, coffee and cappuccino. For consumers a gift box is available with four cups and two coasters.
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