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By Jeanne01

The Hague, Netherlands
Jeanne Tullen (1990, Geneva) is a Swiss photographer living ...




From the project "Womb", diploma project at ECAL (University of art and Design of Lausanne). Analogue reproduction (middle format, Mamiya RZ) to obtain a zoom from the wedding pictures of my parents. 36X46 cm Other dimensions on request. Womb is a timeless love story, an extreme and carnal wish for completeness. It is the testimony of a concluded story that I have transformed into a never-ending story. Through my life I bring back the old romance of my parents and make it mine, giving them a second chance. © Jeanne Tullen / ECAL 2014 http://www.jeannetullen.com

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wedding, Vintage, reproduction, portrait, Mamiya, light color, ECAL, couple, artwork, archival picture, analogue
digital print on Satiné Ultrachrome paper mounted on aluminum
By Jeanne01

Jeanne Tullen (1990, Geneva) is a Swiss photographer living and working in The Netherlands. She ...View more

The Hague, Netherlands

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