The Slank Occasional Chair



The Slank Occasional Chair draws inspiration from the concept of an open-ended labyrinth and applies it to an episodical context. Each chair is assembled using 176 individually CNC'd pieces of European beech, and takes 3-months to complete. The continuous loop of the original concept is abandoned and instead, it is divided into independent components to fit alongside the new context of occasional furniture. The chair is constructed from panels that are spaced apart and tensioned together. Each panel consist of interlocking pieces of European Beech made using precision manufacturing processes. The inward curve encourages interconnection and creates a feeling of integration. This slight curve also serves a practical function by making the chair more compatible with the human form. Concept The design is inspired by a unicursal labyrinth, meaning it is open at both ends. This philosophy was applied to create an interactive installation for people to engage with. It is appropriate in the context of educational institutions due to its ability to stimulate creative thought, facilitate enlightenment, and open up deep insights. Process Each panel requires 16 unique parts that are cut from pieces of light European beech using a CNC milling process. The resulting parts are hand sanded before undergoing a multi-stage treatment process. The assembly uses bolts and screws to form a continuous loop. A spacer is introduced between succeeding panels for uniformity, resulting in a moiré pattern. This action repeats until the necessary width is achieved. The design marries traditional furniture-making techniques with modern manufacturing processes. Utilizing CNC machining alongside skilled labour is uncommon in artisanal furniture and the resulting quality and consistency are unmatched.
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designer furniture
European Beechwood, stainless steel