We find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes she finds us. And sometimes our thoughts today conclude thoughts conceived years ago. Tectonica was born from several sources. Several tiles come together, as a new collection of architectures to wear and keep close. Fractals and a modernist façade, a mineral that defies geometry and a metabolist hotel of the '70s. Sterling silver (92.5%) coated in an antitarnish layer // 18 karat Gold Vermeil [ver-may] over Sterling Silver (a layer of at least 2.5 microns of 18 k gold applied over Sterling silver, at least 5 times thicker than normal gold plating , which ensures better plating resistance and better protection against tarnishing). An antitarnish film is applied over the vermeil layer. Aproximate dimensions: 18/68 mm. Every item is handcrafted individually, in our workshop. The small imperfections make each item unique. All our prices include VAT. For the care of our products, we recommend avoiding contact with water, soaps, perfume or other cosmetics. The products come accompanied by a warranty certificate on which you will find several mentions about their long-term care and a mini-cloth impregnated with an anti-oxidation solution. We recommend using only cloths of this type for cleaning your silver jewelry. Inside the boxes you will find an anti-oxidation patch, so we recommend that, during their storage, they be kept in the original packaging. Silver is a soft metal that works over time. There is a possibility that small scratches may appear on the surface of the jewelry or even a change in color (a process called oxidation). Upon request, we offer refreshment and re-polishing services for your jewelry. For any details or other information, you can contact us at [email protected].
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Sterling Silver - Anti-tarnish coated or 18k Gold plated