TANGENT, self-balancing shelf clock

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A self-balancing, shelf clock with concrete body and brass face. Using a continuous movement clock mechanism. Tangent is a silent clock, with no audible tick or tock. It is weighted so if moved will always return to its correct position. We specially designed the internal structure of Tangent to give it a predictable and consistent point of balance. It is this embedded equilibrium that keeps tangent telling the right time. Materials: Brass, Concrete, Clock mechanism  Product Weight: 6 lbs (3kg)  Dimensions: 4” x 4“ x 7”100mm x 100mm x 178mm Features: Continuous “no tick” mechanismSelf balancing - returns to position AA Battery (not included) This product has a one week lead time. Need it sooner? Contact us.
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Brass, Concrete, Clock mechanism