'Strange Fruit' Stretched Printed Canvas - Small




Himitsuhana in collaboration with mineheart Made in England Product Description A bold mixture of past and present, these pictures contrast the dark and moody traditional still life tableaux with eye popping fluorescent paint, begging the question: 'What would the grand masters have done with fluorescents?' The ‘Strange Fruit’ canvas postulates that art and food are perfectly peculiar partners, a casebest made when the freshest food on the table is drizzled with the essence of the world’s warmest colour. This stunning image is printed on to a high quality canvas, Made In England. Specifications (LxWxD): • Large 1730mm x 1370mm x 40mm • Medium 1270mm x 1000mm x 40mm • Small 810mm x 660mm x 40mm Theme: painting, dutch style, stilllife, ornate frame, oversized art, canvas, wall-art, Lead Time: 1 Week Himitsuhana in collaboration with Mineheart Made in England
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wall-art, stilllife, painting, oversized art, ornate frame, dutch style, canvas