staRef Comet earrings : Pink×White

By MikkeRemikke

Tokyo, Japan
Mikke Remikke is a product label launched by Art & Design un...




We designed this Fringe with the image of comet passing through the night sky. Let's make a wish, and they will shine just beside you. "Comet" glitters under the sunshine, and also reflects light and flashes on the road at dark night! It would be a safety accessory which protects you from danger! Color: fluorescent Pink × White lame Size: fringe about H 8cm × W 2.5cm / chain length 65cm + Adjuster 10cm <Maintenance Tips> ・ If the Fringe is distorted,it can be back into its original shape by applying heat with a hair drier from 5cm distance (for 10 seconds). ・For easy cleanup, dilute neutral detergent with water, put it on a soft cloth, and wipe off stains. ・ Do not use or store together with the same type of material (such as soft PVC, etc.) because the fluorescent color from the Fringe could be transferred.

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reflector, neon, handmade
By MikkeRemikke

Mikke Remikke is a product label launched by Art & Design unit “wm,” in 2009. “Mikke” ...View more

Tokyo, Japan

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