Spirare Wood with Recycled EPS Frame Surfboards

By SpirareSurfboards

Providence, United States
I make functional art — art that is designed to get wet. ...




These boards are constructed of wood with a recycled EPS foam interior frame. They utilize a parabolic wood perimeter as well to maximize flex and spring back to project the board out of turns. The wood perimeter also brings the controlled flex to the rails of the surfboard where the board is engaging the wave the most. This provides a more positive feeling and transfer of energy from the surfer to the wave. . A wood skin unifies the structure of the EPS frame and the parabolic wood perimeter. These boards are also lightweight; comparable to the weight of conventional PU boards while being much stronger and longer lasting while maintaining their flex characteristics. Boards are shaped from paulownia and poplar wood. Board Shown: 6'0" x 20.5" x 2.4" - Blue tint with silver leaf pin lines. Please contact me for custom shapes and dimensions.
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Recycled EPS, Poplar Wood, Paulownia Wood
By SpirareSurfboards

I make functional art — art that is designed to get wet. Not the functional art of a chair ...View more

Providence, United States

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