Pedro, artist book, performance, photography, portrait, couples, snapshot, diary, photo album

By Jeanne01

The Hague, Netherlands
Jeanne Tullen (1990, Geneva) is a Swiss photographer living ...




Special edition of the work Pedro, limited to 5 copies. 19,5X15,5 cm 57 pages, 39 pictures. The book includes a short story written in my mother tongue, French. In order to turn over of a bad relationship, I found myself a fake boyfriend. We pretended to be a couple for a week. We took pictures of each other, as my parents did in the past. The series Pedro is called after my ex boyfriend. Reviews from Pedro here : Conception, graphic design, photographs, text, production © Jeanne Tullen
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snapshot, reality, portrait, Photography, photo album, Performance, KABK, ECAL, diary, couples, artist book
Analogue pictures (Olympus miu-ii) printed digital. Spine is glued to the cover.
By Jeanne01

Jeanne Tullen (1990, Geneva) is a Swiss photographer living and working in The Netherlands. She ...View more

The Hague, Netherlands

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