Nodo Coffee Table




NoDo is a coffee table made out of old wine container and concrete surface. The defining feature of NoDo is the main pattern embedded within the top plane that has been abstracted from decorative islamic patterns. the combined shapes used to articulate the overall ornamentation are called ‘gereh’, which means ‘nodes’ in the farsi language. their formation is determined by a mathematical organization from which an array of points generate lines that radiate and intersect. this allows for an infinite amount of compositions, all based on precise calculations that have historically been used on a large scale to dress architectonic elements such as entrances, arcs, window, and door frames. for more intricate details, the process has been used to ornament brickwork, ceramics, plaster, and mirrors. Following a quote by Paul Arden in which he states, ‘whatever you think, think the opposite,’ the collective’s main philosophy strives to use materials that form unexpected combinations. Thus, each of the elements within NoDo are taken out of their ordinary context.The common use of these decorations includes application to architectonic elements such as entrances, arcs, window and door frames. In the smaller scale, it would be normally used in order to form decorative bricks, ceramics, plaster and mirrors. In NoDo we have made a fusion between tradition (pattern) and modernity (concrete).

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