Nebulosa scarve - logwood dyed linen

By byrios

Copenhagen, Denmark
Welcome to my fascination of textiles. All textiles are e...




This listing is for one svarve dyed by me at my studio in Copenhagen. Both scarves is natural dyed with the amazing logwood and treated with different mordants to achieve the different shades. The scarve to the left is treated with tannin and alum, dyed with logwood and in the last part of the dyeing process iron is added. It's dyed in the first dye bath of the logwood. The scarve to the right is treated with alum and dyed with logwood in the third dye bath. The materials is a light and thin 100% organic linen batist which has a crisp feel and tactility. On all four ends there are raw edges, which I think gives the scarve a beautiful apperence together with the thin material. Size: 70 x 210 cm. I recommend handwashing or washing on 40 degrees with earth-friendly, neutral detergent. Please write which scarve you are interested in at checkout. THIS ITEM WILL SHIP OUT IMMEDIATELY AND IT WILL BE SENT WITHOUT TRACKING AND INSURANCE. FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - I CAN SEND THE ITEM WITH A TRACKING SERVICE.
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By byrios

Welcome to my fascination of textiles. All textiles are either handwoven, dyed and - or folded ...View more

Copenhagen, Denmark

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