Miniatura Vessel 0.1



Materia Madura vessels serve as planters, knick-knack holders, and decorative objects, among other things. Materials: Plantain and coffee waste composite Dimensions: 3.25"D (Top) x 3"D (Bottom) x 3.25"H Caring for your product: -To clean the product you can gently wipe or pat the surface with a dry microfiber cloth. -When using the product as a planter, we recommend selecting low maintenance plants that require little water such as cactuses, succulents, and sansevierias, to name a few. Due to the magic behind Materia Madura, no one design is exactly alike! You can expect to see slight variations in color, texture, and size due to the organic nature of the material and its production process.
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Plantain and coffee waste composite