Mei Bronze Bowl

By Daevas

Milan, Italy
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“The idea for Mei was born during the Manufacto workshop organized by Resign and the Subalterno1 gallery at the Fonderia Battaglia. During the three days of work, I received a book extract that spoke of dynamic reality and how, when one comes into contact with this reality, it’s only then that one could have a perception of quality in general terms. We grow between static, structured and dualistic ideas, nevertheless, we should try to clear our minds in order to come to a new understanding that leads us to this dynamic reality. This emptiness or in other words the block, “is a moment to be not feared but cultivated”. Pirsig, Robert M., Lila, 1991 Inspired by this complex theme I imagined a bowl, which has the form of a perfect semi sphere without any base, a form that can give rise to questions. It takes a moment to understand why Mei stands off axes, and for me this represents a dynamic moment to be cultivated. The dynamic reality for me cannot be defined without love in its purest concept, it lightens the way to a new consciousness, more relevant to the actual context." Asia Samimi

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Mei, handmade in Italy, fonderia battaglia, bronze lost wax casting, bronze, bowl
By Daevas

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Milan, Italy

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