Medium Portrait Of A Gentleman Printed Frame




Altered by Chad Wys Made in England by Mineheart Info: American Artist Chad Wys plays with our perception of art with his revisitation of classic masters paintings. He creates a new aesthetic-emotional experience with a careful new composition of colour and seemingly destructive strokes. Whether you see it as vandalism or an loveable new way of blending past and present, it asks the question 'what does the creation of new meaning tell us about old meanings, or meanings in general?' 'Portrait of a gentleman' features an image brutalized portrait of Napoleon mounted backwards in an old picture frame complete with woodworm and nails. Both the frame and the artwork are printed on to the canvas. This beautiful print is available in three sizes, and is ideal as a feature piece in both domestic and commercial interiors. Made in England Sizes: (L x W x D) Extra Large 1730mm x 1370mm x 40mm Medium 1270mm x 1000mm x 40mm Small 810mm x 660mm x 40mm Theme: Napoleon, portrait of a gentleman, shabby picture frame, graffiti artwork, extra large canvas, reproduction. Lead Time: 1 to 2 weeks
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shabby picture frame, reproduction., portrait of a gentleman, Napoleon, graffiti artwork, extra large canvas