'second life' Slim wooden ring - Squirrel

By Moissue

Taipei, Taiwan
MOISSUE is based in Taiwan, founded by Tsu-Jung Kuo, Jay Kao...




CONCEPT to create a second life, extend from the imagination of a better life. "second life" due to occasional opportunity, found in the wood factory left some short cut veneer, they lie on the corner, waiting to be discarded, the veneer like light, be the most precious gift that nature gives us, we thought perhaps we can endow their lives once again. "since they had been deconstruct into wood, is it possible use the concept of anti-deconstruction to recombine these barks? " in the continuous experiment, we try to combine two different colors of veneer, and then turning to the use of engineering methods, recreate their unique lines of each ring so that they produce bright light again. what makes you surprise is each pattern of the ring just like original. the interpretation of 4 different personalities and life by 4 kind of patterns. what you want to be in the next stage of life, wearing "second life" and showing to everyone. RING SIZE size09 - diameter 15.3mm ; width 4.3mm size10 - diameter 16.1mm ; width 4.5mm size11 - diameter 16.8mm ; width 4.7mm size13 - diameter 17.6mm ; width 4.9mm size15 - diameter 18.5mm ; width 5.2mm NOTICE ‧all pieces are handmade,the grains on each piece are unique. ‧slight water contact is fine, but do not wear the ring when bathing or swimming. ‧it’s normal phenomenon that there may some seams on the surface of the ring. ‧please avoid to throw and scrape the ring with rough surface. ‧Complete with wooden-gift box which also serves as a storage place
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wood, rings, recycling, nature, modern, hand-made
wood(Ebony x Walnut), stainless steel, matte finish
By Moissue

MOISSUE is based in Taiwan, founded by Tsu-Jung Kuo, Jay Kao, Shin-Yu Tsai and Chih-Ching Hou in ...View more

Taipei, Taiwan

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