L - GO




Flying with L-go This project is characterized by its lightweight and e r g o n o m i c design. THE CHAIR'S FORM is not fully defined and leaves KIDS much room for IMAGINATION . THE L - GO chair can be used as a ROCKING HORSE , a CLOUD , an ARMCHAIR or a ROCKING BOAT. The idea of L-go rocker was to create an ergonomic form of natural and kinetic advantages which can be used by kids. Subtle texture fits the spine and touch of the kid. As a soft leaves it makes a cozy atmosphere by its delicate polished cardboard texture. L-go is a logarytm, is a border between a design and art, represents a form of a industrial design. Rocking chair shows the freedom of a kinetic sculpture . Its simple form creates a unique design which you can use as a sculpture. L- go presents a modern shape of a rocking-horse. L - GO will always take you to the dream world Modern eco design, sit and a playful toy.. Size/Dimensions/Weight Dimensions: 60cm / 37cm / 47cm Weight 4 lbs. L - GO lift the weight of 120 KG! nature color cardboard 7 days curier 27 - 30 days cargo ship pallet 40 % DISCOUNT design by DOMINIKA BLAZEK LABORATORYART
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