180° Gray Necklace No. 2 with Gray Cord

By Designlump

Montreal, Canada
Chifen Cheng is a Taiwanese Canadian product designer, who w...




This design was created while Chifen was deconstructing the design of her Focal Point Lamp. The copper parts sparked a fire and led to different shapes and sketches that became the necklaces’ different degree angles. She wanted to blend soft and hard material together to create simple yet sleek geometries as well as versatility: you can mix and match or wear the necklace as a statement, or complement your outfits, from laid-back to tough chic girl look. The slip on necklace cord is fixed in one of four holes, which allows for the adjustment of different loop shapes to suit any outfit. Dimensions 4-1/8″W x 13″H (10.5W x 33H cm) Details - Powder coated solid copper - Gray round nylon cord - Made in Montreal
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By Designlump

Chifen Cheng is a Taiwanese Canadian product designer, who was born in Taiwan and grew up in ...View more

Montreal, Canada

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