Posidonia Extra Long Light Turquoise Necklace



This necklace is one of Posidonia Collection, a series of pieces where we pursued colors and tones of Mediterranean sea and its coasts. Paper is treated so it acquires hardness and durability and color is protected by lacquer. The clasper is handmade in sterling silver. Lightness and movement define this 100% handmade jewell as well as all collection. Measures: The collar if it is open measures 1.58 m. You can use it super long, or with several wraps around the neck. Request a different color as well as a different measure by message. A different measure, may imply a variation in price. Custom pieces will require few more days for shipping. Posidonia, "the lung of the Mediterranean", a fundamental source of oxygen, and an endangered species due to excessive tourism and pollution. Over half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the sea.
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sustainable unique paper necklace mediterraneo
paper, pigments, sterling silver