Form is defined as a particular way in which something exists or appears. More often than not, we love particularity and find it easy to appreciate both in nature and in the things that surround us. We tend to wish for all things particular, even unique, in order to feel special and different from all the rest. Yet... we find it difficult to embrace and we seldom love the particularities of our own body, the particular kind of shapes we were given, the particular kind of ways in which those shapes change over time… we wish for it all to be different, more like someone else’s, less like our own. Sterling Silver - Anti-tarnish coated. Aproximate dimensions: 45/30 mm. The earrings have a sterling silver push on earring stopper lined with silicone to ensure a perfect secure, sturdy fit. Each piece can be custom made in accordance with your needs. Every item is handcrafted individually, in our workshop. The small imperfections make each item unique.
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Sterling Silver