Handmade Embroidered Brooch – Heart



The brooch in heart design is delicately embroidered by hand with 100% cotton thread and various fine glass beads. It makes a lovely gift! This unique brooch is beautiful on jackets, coats, sweaters, and scarves. It is one of a kind and special. *Handmade in Austria* The heart brooch is made by hand and is one of a kind in my studio in Vienna, Austria. *Fair & Sustainable* With each purchase of one of my brooches, you are supporting artists, sustainable fashion, and small businesses like me; thank you for being awesome! <3 *Size/ Dimensions:* - Length: 4 cm - Width: 6,5 cm - Pin on the back *Care* Non-washable. Do not iron. To keep the brooch in great condition, please avoid submerging it in water, high temperatures, or direct sunlight.
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100% cotton thread