Halo Collection 1.0- display case 01



Dimension: L1660×W400×981mm Weight: 153.6kg Halo is the curved converted frequency of light. Just like the illusory sun, it flickers far beyond reach yet directly arrives before eyes right away. Halo is the color arc gradually diffusing from the edge, the plane to the volume, blurring out in the haze of homogeneous masses. The cold polar and hot polar of the chromatography are superimposed inwardly, and an overlapping and misty halo is thus formed in the repeated sequence of the frosted glass rectangle and the folded surface. In the multiple recombination with dichroic glass, the multi-angle reflection effect of the intensified light in the folded surface is superimposed with color gradient, just like an arc of rainbow. As the angle of light source and the position of gaze are constantly changing, a glare with a virtual focus and color gradient is separated out in the fragile and delicate halo image, flowing in a rigid structure. The light has thus established a new relationship and a mechanism of perception with the subject of gaze. In the gaze that chases after the light, the invisible is verified in the visible, and the uncertain is emancipated in the certain.
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