Globe renamed

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A hand-blown glass terrarium that provides a stunning 360-degree view of the foliage within. The Globe ships empty so you can plant it how you like. We've found mosses work really well inside Globe, small ferns and some leafy plants also work. Ensure not to get anything that grows too fast otherwise you'll have to trim it more often. Placed near a window, it projects plant silhouettes onto nearby surfaces. As subtle indoor breezes interact with Globe, its shadows subtly shift and dance like sunlight shining through trees. Plants not your thing? Fill it with whatever you like and use it as a unique display case! HOW TO WATER There is a small hole in the top of Globe that provides access for watering - generally only once per month. Dimensions / Product Weight: 8” - 4 lbs / 12” - 6 lbs This product has a three week lead time. Need it sooner? Contact us
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