g.flow stone: Foldable & Portable Laptop Stand

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Light & Foldable, a Sustainable Laptop Stand Made From 100% Recycled Materials g.flow stone is the world’s lightest and most portable laptop stand, weighing only 90 grams (3 oz). A unique design idea from grape lab sustainable design lab, it is entirely made by folding a single sheet of 100% recycled paper. As beautiful as before, stronger than ever. We've upgraded our signature laptop stand into g.flow stone. Now it is waterproof and more resistant to wear and tear while maintaining what's most important to us: sustainability & social impact. g.flow stone is made of Stone Paper, a magical mixture of stone waste deriving from the mining industry. It's just like regular paper, recycled, easily recyclable, and environmentally friendly. But many times more resistant to wear and tear and stronger than ever. g.flow stone is completely waterproof. Could you ever imagine a piece of paper being waterproof without any type of coating? This is how amazing our Stone Paper is. Plus, it brings some peace to your work life. Dropped your coffee cup or water tumbler? No worries, just wipe it and you're good to go. An accident-free environment. Decided you should go work on the beach? Keep your computer safe from sand and water splash! We strive to research every material we decide to use in our products. Our Stone Paper is made of a mixture of 80% limestone powder, a waste material that comes from the mining process of industrial limestone. We make g.flow stone from a just single sheet of Stone Paper. No glues. No chemical coatings. No waste. The biggest difference lies here. We don't take from nature to create g.flow, we use the scraps from industry and reinvent them. Using minimum resources, we've designed a ready-to-use and ready-to-recycle laptop stand. It is a closed-loop manufacturing process. The other 20% of Stone Paper is made of recycled plastic material. The HDPE plastic used to manufacture g.flow comes entirely from recycled sources. We stop these materials from becoming waste in the first place by collecting and transforming them. It’s our goal to prevent plastic waste from keep causing a harmful impact, polluting our oceans and nature. g.flow Stone is carefully made by folding one single sheet of paper, without any glues or chemical coatings. It is an analog process that meets the high-quality digital precision while focusing on using minimal resources and green technology. It doesn't matter where your office is, g.flow is lightweight and ready to use. Slide it out of its case and say good-bye to slouching, neck and wrist pain, device overheating. Welcome proper airflow, perfect angles for typing and viewing, and a paper-light stand with waterproof quality! Digital nomad workstation ready!
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