- the boundaries between ART _ CRAFT and d e s i g n. EQUILIBRIUM N A T U R E ‪ ‎FORM‬ ‪, minimmalizm‬ textures and ‪ creative‬ combination = ‪‎MODERN‬ = FORM = ECO‬ ‪ FURNITURE‬ ‎NATURE‬ COLORS ‪#‎SCULPTURE‬ ‪#‎INTERIORDESIGN‬ # CARDBOARD #ECO ‪ SIT‬ ‪‎CHOCK‬ The chock square was born from the idea of putting together one on another all the pieces of the raw or polished cardboard . Creating one aesthetic and transparent looking form . We have found a biodegradable form of the recycling texture of the cardboard and its look perfect for our chock design series . BY COMBINING LOCAL CRAFTSMANSHIP AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS , WE CREATE H Y B R I D S AND TAKE THE MOST OF EVERY TECHNOLOGY THIS KIND OF CHOCK IS A DURABLE ONE AND CAN LOAD UP TO 120 KILOS. DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT 47CM X DIAMETER 48 CM CARDBOARD / HANDMADE MINIMAL FORM / STRUCTURE / SCULPTURE / DESIGN ART Weight: 9-10 kg 7 days curier 27 - 30 days cargo ship pallet 40 % DISCOUNT
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