Shabby Chic Sofa




Putting shabby-chic onto a brand new seat. This sofa gives the illusion of layered fabrics. Digitally printed in the UK the fabric shows a range of textures and patterns on single piece, which is then upholstered to a wooden frame. Combining elements of old love letters and nostalgia every detail is lovingly arranged to inspiring you... (There are no real frays or tears on this piece...) Theme Shabby chic, sofa, fabrics, worn, wooden sofa, bench, illusion, nostalgia, furniture Material Beach wooden frame, printed cotton drill fabric Specifications: 1210mm W x 600mm D x 1110mm H Delivery time from 3 to 4 weeks Please contact for shipping costs.
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worn, wooden sofa, sofa, Shabby chic, nostalgia, illusion, furniture, fabrics, bench