La Mantilla




La Mantilla is a wood and textile laminate of polygonal composition. The product is a modular surface that works well as a wood carpet, a flexible parquet, a non permanent wood flooring or a cover for horizontal and vertical surfaces. What characterizes La Mantilla is its open modular assembly, the possibilities of tessellated design that gives the user the opportunity to customize an area by alternating its spatial zones. La Mantilla is made out of regional wood from forests with renewable wood programming. It is made by using a combination of traditional wood working procedure and digital fabrication. La Mantilla is a handmade product that aims to create a timeless identity through the use of wood. It is a reflection of the resiliency and mobility of our contemporary living. Specifications La Mantilla, is made from solid “taliparti elatum" also known as “blue mahoe". It is prepared in modules with a synthetic textile underlayment. La Mantilla is held together with hooks and loops textile technology (similar to velcro), and comes in a single package of 6 units. Other types of solid wood are available for custom order. Dimensions per unit 16.125” x 14” x .375” Units per package 6 pcs Coverage per single unit 1.57 sq.ft. Weight per single unit 1.05 Lb Accessories Each tile comes with (2) pieces of hook fastener with rubber anti slip textile. Aditional accessories Rubber anti slip textile, hook textile fastener with industrial adhesive, custom sealing finishes. This product has hand manufactured details and contains natural wood. Please keep in mind that minor variations in colour and structure of the wood are part of the design that gives the item a unique character therefore are not to be considered as defects. cleaning care: Carefully wipe it with a wet cloth, then right after wipe again with at dry cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals. Not not spill or spray water directly on the surface of the wood. If water or any liquid was spilled by accident wipe it dry as soon as possible. *Above picture is showing 16 pieces of Mantilla! Check out La Mantilla video!! Enjoy!!
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wood carpet, flexible parquet, caribbean design