3 X F CHOCK THE nature force of subjectivity,..,., P O R T A B L E a r c h i T E C T U R E = O R G A N I C P L A N E T 3 x F CHOCK = MODULAR WALL / SCULPTURE structure The chock 3XF was born from the idea of putting together one on another all the pieces of the raw or polished cardboard . Creating one aesthetic and transparent looking form. We have found a biodegradable form of the recycling texture of the cardboard and its look perfect for our chock design series . It gives an innovative atmosphere for the product as well as the spirit of the nature , makes a unique look and fullfil our space with a modern style . It provokes an introduction into the world of design and starts its dialogue with the place . This kind of chock is a durable one and can load up to 120 kilos . Size/Dimensions/Weight 3 X F CHOCK lift weight of 120 KG! dimensions: H. 47cm, WIDTH 46x46, weight 9kg, 26x26 hole Materials utilised cardboard Production method HANDMADE Customisation options INDIVIDUAL FINISHES: WOOD / LEATHER / DISC PERSONALIZATION PRODUCT / GRAPHIC STICKER 7 days curier 27 - 30 days cargo ship pallet 40 % DISCOUNT
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