Dimple Roller

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The 'Dimple' Roller is a extra-firm cork back-massage roller that can be used for a variety of exercise routines. Features include: - 6" Diameter, for substantial ground clearance - 12" & 18" Length Varieties - Beautiful Medium-Grain Cork - Heavy Weight of roller keeps it more steady and less likely to slip than lighter roller varieties. - Extra-Firm Density reaches deep tissue muscles Sustainability Properties: This type of exercise equipment is typically made of Foams or Styrofoam, a material that has been banned by many cities. The 'Dimple' roller reintroduces the product in a rich medium-grain cork that both heavier and more firm than its Styrofoam alternative. Unlike Styrofoam, cork will bio-degrade in a landfill at the end of its life-cycle. Cork is a product made from the bark of the Quercus suber, or Cork Oak, which is harvested by removing the bark from the tree stalk with the help of specialty axes. Unlike wood, the cork trees continue to grow after their bark is harvested, and regrow the bark layer.
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