Wearable Planter, Icosahedron, in White


Bring a plant with you on your day's adventure! Plants help clean the air you breathe, are beautiful, and create a wonderful conversation starter (it's also believed that exposure to plants throughout the day can make you more intelligent- but I make no claims to this). Carry a sprout, a succulent, or a flower you found on your morning walk.

*Right now there is a one to two week delay in shipping this item*

The form for this wearable planter is inspired by the icosahedron- a 20 plane surface and one of the platonic solids. I created the design for the Wearable Planter using modeling software. It is then 3D printed and finished by hand.

This planter is an experiment with new materials. It is made out of a translucent 3D printed acrylic polymer. The vessel is translucent, allowing you to see the roots or the bottom of a plant. This material is watertight, and acts as a perfect vase to carry a piece of nature with you throughout the day.

Comes with directions on how to add plants and recommendations on which work best. Sorry, but no plants are included with this item.

If you're an animal lover and would prefer a brown waxed cotton cord, please let me know.

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August 22, 2011