Brodmann Blades Ping Pong Paddles

By Fredi

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Brodmann Blades™ come in a practical green carrying case containing two paddles with regular rubber sheets, four ping pong balls and two hand bands for protection, comfort and good grip. Fun factor included. Brodmann Blades™ new ping pong paddles are the first major innovation to the sport of table tennis. Without a handle, the new paddle works like a glove worn over either hand. Improved comfort, ergonomics and sensory feedback gained from playing the ball right on the hand makes for greater ball control, a faster and more intuitive game, more spin on the ball, and superior backhand. With such benefits, the game is more accessible to beginners, persons who wish to improve 3D hand-eye coordination and those with dexterity issues, but also to experts seeking to push the limits of the sport to a new level. Alfred Brodmann, designer of the Brodmann Blades™, approached the International Table Tennis Federation and received an enthusiastic preliminary reaction. “This innovation may eventually be incorporated into international competition", says Mr. Rudolf Sporrer, Rules Committee Chairman of the ITTF in Vienna, Austria. According to him the invention represents the first revolutionary idea since the beginning of the sport in the late eighteen hundreds.
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Innovative, eclectic ping pong paddles for enhanced performance and better ball control and feel. Ideal for training and fun.
5-ply birch wood and traditional rubber sheets with medium spin
By Fredi

Designer/Inventor specialized in watches and sports products. Born in Vienna, Austria. ...View more

North Bergen, United States

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