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Sweaters for women: From Saturn

Knitwear inspired by the photographs of the sixth planet’s rings

The British fashion and textile designer, Amber Hards, uses contrasting yarns and innovative knitting techniques to make sweaters with texture,volume and movement. She incorporates stripes into her knitted sweaters based on the spectacular photos of ringlets that adorn Saturn. Each of her lambswool sweaters is unique due to her knitting process and can create an exquisite style when dressed over layers of knitted and beautifully soft fabric. Shorter sleeve cropped sweater add color and can be worn beyond winter.  You can buy them directly from this award-winning, young designer here.

Graphic Cropped lambswool jumper/sweater


Saturn ringlets

On September 24, 2016, Cassini spacecraft used a wide-angle camera to take this image in visible light. (image from Nasa)


(image from Nasa)

Orange & mint knitted graphic striped cropped jumper/ sweater



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