That Brand: A fashion non-brand

That Brand: A fashion non-brand

Brands are intangible. How do you make your work more about its tangible rather than its ethereal qualities? That Brand, a fashion design studio, is trying to tip the balance as determinedly as possible to be about the quality of its garments rather than what is prevalent in taking a garment from the designer to consumer: expensive branding of fashion products, market bottlenecks to get the finished design to buyers, and huge markups along the bumpy, designer-to-consumer road. “Our philosophy highlights our garments instead of our brand,” the studio explains its approach. “That Brand is for women who love smart and experimental design. We create garments that can live beyond seasons, defending the basics and their functionality.” Every garment is hand-cut and -sewn. It is also ironed by hand to check for every detail. Selling online and without any seasonal schedule, they send their slow, handmade garment directly from their Berlin studio to your doorstep, stamping and hand-labelling it specifically for you.


Izeh Top by That Brand


Yaxe Shirt

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