Here are 12 fun reasons to continue cooking, eating and drinking

Here are 12 fun reasons to continue cooking, eating and drinking

1. The Cake Cutter celebrates the special occasion of cutting a cake. This sleek but sturdy object makes it easy to cut and serve cake. It not only allows for cutting equal slices every time, but it picks up the cake without getting your fingers dirty. The Cake Cutters are made out of stainless steel with wooden handles (Bubinga). Although cutting a cake is usually a task with quite delicate connotations, the Cake Cutter was designed to turn that stereotype on its head. This cleverly designed gadget, has an obvious similarity to a cleaver or butcher’s knife. Each Cutter comes beautifully packaged in a specially made box, with a sheath for the cutter and a cleaning sponge.

2. Cantilever no-mess cooking utensils float above the counter, improving hygiene and reducing mess. They also eliminate the need for a spoon rest. By rethinking the angle of traditional cooking utensils, it puts a little distance between what touches our food and what rests on the counter. Cantilever Cooking Utensils were designed to look beautiful and tested to ensure they are pleasant to use.

3. Spatula-tasting spoon, made of beechwood and handmade by craftsman Ferran Fontàs in Tortellà, Girona, Spain is ideal for busybodies.

4. Wood Trivet Model A, made of Russian birch plywood, protects tablecloths or countertops, and has great heat resistance and makes great centerpiece on your table when you mix and match.

5. Chicken Cuts Chopping Board, made from ethically sourced Danish Beechwood, is ideal for dinner parties when you no longer need to pretend you know what to do when it comes to taking that delicious roast chicken out of the oven in from of your family and friends.

6. This ceramic dish, handmade in limited editions in Netherlands, is glazed in Sinter Engobe that gives a matte and little rough surface. Washing it with other dishes allows some oil to gradually impregnate into the glaze, which smoothens the surface and gives very subtle shine over time. Therefore, repeated usage enhances the appearance of the ware.

7. Bottles Collection, is made of mass produced green glass bottles that designer Klaas Kuiken hand blows one by one into unique objects. He started his project by asking “Are there any irregularities in mass production?” He discovered irregularities when cutting the bottle: the wall thickness of every bottle was found to be different. To emphasize those differences he developed his own technique of glassblowing, by using of an oven, adapted by himself, and a compressor. By blowing up the bottle the glass bulges more at places where the thickness of the walls is thinner and less at places where it’s thicker.

9. Salt and pepper traffic cones are bound to get attention (Warning!) and shake up your dinner table! Shaped as the classic traffic cones, these unique shakers let you store all the essential seasonings. Fill these cones with salt, pepper, curry/or other favorite spices and let it be a delicious warning to your

10. Salt Pepper Shakers, handmade with English porcelain, is inspired by the organic honey-cone textures, brings a surprising and sensorial touch to the everyday dinning experience.

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11. Encanal Carving Board for Cooking, made in Spain, has a designed channel to help us from dropping food outside of the pan.

12. Small pot in the shape of a bird is a small ceramic pot to be looked at and loved but he can also store seeds, sweets, sugar… and all other good stuff on the shelf! it comes in two colors: green and yellow polka dots. By the way, the striped cousin in the background is not for sale! You can also use the polka dot pots for serving food. This product is casted and perfectly finished!