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Floating vase: Unanchored, happy life

How to turn your favorite flowers aquatic?


Floating vase is the work of oodesign, a Japanese studio that designs products that stretch and change the possibilities of everyday life. This discrete vase is shaped like ripples in the water and it floats in any container filled with water: a big glass of water, a bowl or another vase. Once the vase is floated in the water, it then follows the air movement, changing the position and appearance of the plants in the container. Visually the flowers appear to be floating on the surface of the water as the stems rest slightly below the surface.



Founder of oodesign, Taku Omura, who is a graduate of Department of Architecture at Tokyo Institute of Technology, has designed this small vessel to carry not only flowers and plants in our water gardens but also joy to our everyday lives. You can buy directly from oodesign here!





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