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“About Time” clock: Slow down please

How rigid time can whirl into meditation and poetry


Broadcasts, transportation, alarm clocks, meetings and the world we inhabit all depend on the accurate measurement of time. Precision reigns. What happens if we do the opposite: measuring time loosely? Design Academy Eindhoven alumni Sander Mulder has designed a clock, made of anodized aluminium, that rolls and measures time but only approximately. Designed as a reaction to our stressed, daily lives, where we plan down to the minute, this clock is “poetry in motion … [It] reveals the passing of time by rolling around your desk but only tells you ‘it’s about six o’clock’ or ‘it’s almost seven now’. The slow but constant, almost meditative motion allows you to relax and maybe even forget about time for a few minutes.”


“maybe more like around eight, but if you want, it could be nine, and then it will proceed to ten…”

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