BETA² bracelet

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A seamless silver band that encircles around the wrist, the BETA² expands and contracts by moving both fasteners along the body of the piece. Industrial details on a simple design, hand crafted in a precious metal. 10 mm wide, 0.35 mm thick - made out of hand hardened silver strip. It works as a loop and can be adjusted / tightened to the size of the wrist as wanted, for perfect fit, we recommend to use this size guide: Please select depending on the measurement around of the widest part of your folded hand (as you would slide bangle through). S size - up to 26 cm / 10'' (max length around the folded palms widest part) M size up to 32 cm / 12.5'' (max length around the folded palms widest part) Please add a note at checkout, or email if a special size is needed or you have some questions about sizing. Every bracelet will have Braille hand engraved it's unique number inside.
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sterling silver