Dark Driftwood Damask Wallpaper




Weaving texture with patterns to create something greater than the sum of its parts, this opulent yet understated wallpaper is captivating – in fact, it is modern trompe-l'œil texture perfected. his limed maple version is as delicate as it is arresting.It is printed on to finest quality 180gram smooth paper and is suitable for domestic use. Samples available on request. Light and Dark options available Wallpaper by Young and Battaglia Dimensions: 900x 2500mm (357⁄16in x 9827⁄64in) Pattern details: 833.3 mm pattern alignment, 2500mm pattern repeat Packaging Dimensions: 1 Roll - 100 x 8 x 8cm 2 Roll - 100 x 9 x 9cm 3 Roll - 100 x 10x 10cm 4 Roll - 100 x 11 x 11cm Lead Time: 2 Weeks Theme: wallpaper, planks, wooden, wood designer, feature wall, commercial, traditional, pattern, IMPORTANT NOTES: Due to the printing process, colours may vary slightly between batches. Customers should try to order enough rolls initially, or if re-ordering must provide a Batch number. For help calculating how many rolls are needed please contact us with room dimensions and we can work it out for you! Please also note that images onscreen are not a truly accurate representation of print colour.
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wooden, wood designer, wallpaper, traditional, planks, pattern, feature wall, commercial